Seminario: "Internet Balancing Formula" a cargo del prof. Mart Susi (Tallinn University)

Ciclo de actividades CETYS 2018

Seminario:"Internet Balancing Formula" a cargo del prof. Mart Susi (Tallinn University)

The international legal and civil communities have consensually agreed that rights online are the same as offline. At the same time, there is no consensus about the standards and methods to be applied to enforce the idea of sameness. The horizontal nature of human rights protection possibilities in the Internet reduces the moral authority of private Internet service providers to claim correctness through their balancing activity. The idea of the Internet Balancing Formula is based on the recognition of legal realities and capabilities (the “black box” phenomenon) – the impossibility to provide reasons for decisions by private ISPs when assessing conflicting human rights and the immense lack of time and legal expertise when adopting respective decisions. The Internet Balancing Formula needs to be an easy-to-use mathematical instrument, where the input of data by non-judicial entity leads to an outcome whether to block and/or delete data, based on the relative weight of the inserted input elements. The formula will decrease the lack of transparency when private online companies balance conflicting rights.

El seminario se realizará en inglés y no contará con interpretación. Actividad no arancelada y requiere inscripción previa. Incluye almuerzo.

Viernes, Febrero 23, 2018