Nueva publicación del profesor Daniel Friel

Daniel Friel, profesor de la Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad de San Andrés, publicó el paper "The Importance of Institutional Knowledge for Expats Working In Latin America".



Firms from the developed world operating in emerging markets confront a variety of challenges in adapting their operations to the institutional contexts in these countries. However, most of the preparation provided to expats from these companies focuses on general cultural differences and not institutional differences such as how to work with suppliers or unions in emerging markets.  This article uses the va- rieties of capitalism framework to explore major institutional differences between Argentina and Brazil by examining how an Argentine and a French MNC attempted to implement best practices in each of these countries. It finds that the former company failed in Brazil because the practices that proved critical to the success of this firm in Argentina could not be adapted to employee relations and relations with suppliers in that country. By con- trast, the latter company was successful in both of these coun- tries because the practice it implemented could be adapted to the institutions of industrial and employee relations.

Martes, Julio 30, 2019