Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs deals with everything related to student mobility between Universidad de San Andrés and other universities. This includes undergraduate and graduate students that wish to study at UdeSA (incoming students) as well as UdeSA students that wish to study abroad (outgoing students).


Soledad Zapiola

Executive Director


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Luz Horne

Academic Director


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I am the Academic Director of the Office of International Programs in San Andrés and work particularly on the Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS). I am also a Literature Professor in the Department of Humanities. I did my PhD in Latin American literature at Yale University and my Bachelor of Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. I was a professor at Northwestern University and Cornell University. In my classes and research I work in the area of Latin American literature and visual culture. My book Real Literature, Transformations of realism in contemporary Latin American literature, examines the relationship between word and image within literature and how this relationship impacts the representation of reality. I enjoy working with international students in San Andrés because it enriches and diversifies the university space and teaching.

Agustina Girona Acevedo

Outgoing Coordinator


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I have a bachelor degree in International Affairs from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. At the Office of International Programs, I am the Outgoing Coordinator for UdeSA undergraduate and graduate students. I had the incredible opportunity to do an exchange program in Australia during my last semester at university, which made me realize that international education allows one to grow both professionally and personally. At UdeSA we want you to take advantage of this opportunity and join us!

Sheila Hortensia Grigera

Incoming Student Coordinator


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Joaquín Bilbao

Special Projects Coordinator

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I studied Political Science with a specialization in International Relations and Journalism. I have worked on publications regarding culture, technology and politics. I have also coordinated regional educational programs in South America and participated in the visual arts scene in Buenos Aires.

Cecilia Wolman

Spanish Professor


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I received my Bachelor of Arts and teaching degree in Linguistics and Literature at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. I teach Spanish language courses as well as advise UdeSA students who want to participate in the exchange. I have significant specialized professional training and have taught a large number of workshops and webinars on reading, writing, correction and more. I look forward to accompanying you with your learning of the Spanish language.

Student Assistants

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Sol Marchetti

Student of International Relations

My name is Sol and I come from San Antonio de Padua, Buenos Aires. During the week, I stay at the university’s student dorms and on weekends, I go back home to my family. I've been working in the Office of International Programs since March 2019. Personally, I think that this job is a great opportunity to be introduced into the working world.


May Steward

Student of Law

I began working in the Office of International Programs in 2018 and I am very thankful for the opportunity that it has given me to develop myself in a global environment, a perspective with which I strongly identify being bicultural. I personally know how enriching it is to live and study abroad (I lived in the UK several years) so I am pleased to know that I am helping others experience what I did.


Martin Stead

Student of Design

I am from Buenos Aires, I started working in the Office of International Programs in 2019. I am happy to assist students on their experience abroad, it’s a great opportunity and a big change so we are here to help make it the best it can be!


Martín Conselmo

Student of International Relations

I am from Buenos Aires. I joined the Office of International Programs this year. I am a person who is open to different ideas and opportunities, therefore working in this warm office is an enriching and productive experience.